Thanks for joining us…

The Pelican Diaries will note in one way or another the adventure we’ve embarked on with our recent move from the U. S. to Mexico where we have a great view of the beloved pelicans from our windows and the terrace.  Watching them fly in formation or dive headfirst to catch a piscatorial snack is a delight every time.

Although The Pelican Diaries are not so much about the pelicans themselves as they are about the fun, funny, maybe frustrating or even disheartening aspects of a new life in another country, the birds will make their way into our story from time to time.  The Diaries will be more about what we find, what we learn, who we meet, the pleasures and challenges, and how all of this changes our own lives – and maybe yours.

We’re not kids with backpacks off on a kicky year abroad.  We’re grownups leaving more or less settled lives for something different.  We come as two people with different histories, different points of view, and different interests in the world which will no doubt be obvious from time to time.  All part of the adventure.

Leaving one’s comfort zone can be – well – uncomfortable, but it’s great for making big discoveries about what matters and possibly why.  We’re here to recount those discoveries with wonder, humor, maybe a little nostalgia, and always with our own spirituality and love for each other.  We’re in the game and whatever it brings.

Viva the adventure!

Molly and Michael